Creation and love of beauty are elemental for the experience of happiness./ Tworzenie i umiłowanie piękna są podstawą szczęścia.
- Walter Gropius


Katarzyna Hołda, Devil
41cm with horns (37cm without horns)
textile, embroidery, glassbeads,
3rd prize in International Competition 
in Doll Making and Teddy Bear Making,
Doll Prague Biennale, 2017

I am artist. My interest in tarot started 5 years ago, but I work with symbols from almost 30 years. I learned at secondary art school and then studied art (master degree in art education and sculpture, UMCS University in Lublin, Poland, 2000). My art is symbolic, I love mystic art, legends, myths, archetypes. I learned tarot by my own, from books and from other tarot readers. Usually I use Tarot de Marseilles. My second favourite deck, which I, however, don't use to readings is Visconti-Sforza Tarot.
I live in Lublin, Poland.

You will find my works and CV here:

how do I read tarot 

I divine with tarot, becouse tarot is beautiful. If it served something else, I would do something different with it. I look at the tarot as a piece of art. There is history of European art and the tradition of European legends, magic and customs behind tarot.

Fortune telling is for fun and reading tarot is like watching a play in the theatre. The true is in the beauty of cards, which form an unique story just for us. This story is of the same genre as poetry or fairy tales - it doesn't tell about us and our biographies personally, but gives us a message which we can relate to our lifes. So look at your spread as if you watched a movie performed just for you.

I don't divine on:

- health, mental health, drugs and alcohol addictions etc. etc.

- pregnancy,

- problems with children,

- legal,

- third parts, ex. "what is that person going to do" "what is going on with them" - but I can divine on where you are in relationship with someone.

Please remember - I am not a therapist and I don't do therapy.